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Training type

Course Duration

3 Days

About the Program

On completion of this module, learners will be able to identify the range of environments in which procurement and supply is expected to operate and the external factors that canimpact on overall success.

Who Should Attend this Program

Procurement and supply is to operate in a varied range of environments. As well as the public and private sectors, those responsible for the procurement and supply function mayfind themselves working with those in not-for-profit organisations. This module is designed for those who are involved in the procurement and supply function, who must recognise the wider environment in which they work and the impacts that different types of organisations can have on successfully meeting with overall organisational needs. They must know the importance of the external environment and also identify the procedures that regulate procurement and supply.

CIPS membership is a major training requirement, and training is provided in English only

Course Content

  • Know the different sectors of procurement and supply
  • Understand types of pricing arrangements in commercial agreements
  • Know the external environment and its impact on procurement and supply
  • Understand procedures that regulate procurement and supply
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