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CIPS L4M3 Commercial Contracting 

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Training type

Course Duration

9 Days

About the Program

On completion of this module, learners will be able to describe the key elements and legal aspects of formal commercial contracts, and analyse and interpret the fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators that are included in contractual arrangements made with suppliers.

Module aim

In any organisation, a significant element of the procurement and supply function is based around the contracting process. If they are to be successful, contracts must be clearly defined, be cognisant of legal requirements and contain key clauses and terms. This module is designed for those working in the procurement and supply field, or those who have responsibility for the development of legally binding contracts with suppliers

CIPS membership is a major training requirement, and training is provided in English only

Course Content

  • Understand how to devise a business case for requirements to be sourced from external suppliers

  • Understand market management in procurement and supply

  • Understand the use of specifications in procurement and supply

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