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Supply Chain Consulting

Increase the performance of your entire supply chain.

Our supply chain consulting and performance check allows us to tell you where you stand and highlight areas for improvement in virtually no time.

We determine your current supply chain performance based on a set of criteria, focusing on analyzing the current maturity of both your supply chain as a whole and individual components such as procurement processes and production and logistics performance.

The results of our analysis show in detail where there is potential to improve your supply chain management performance.

Our Consultants’ experience in supply chain consulting mean that we have extensive knowledge and specific benchmarks, both for trade and industry.

Functional Analysis of Your Supply Chain Management

Firstly, we determine the degree of supply chain maturity across your organization, before setting benchmarks on four different levels.

Is there already a clear concept, or will it need to be developed across the organization? What meaning and function does supply chain management currently have in your company, and is there potential for development in this area?

Analysis of Operational Maturity

How are individual sub-areas performing, and what potential for improvement do they offer?

In our analysis, we work with you to identify the development potential of individual parts of the supply chain. We set benchmarks for planning, procurement, production and logistics, allowing us to accurately define areas where there is potential to develop your operational framework.

SCM Controlling Analysis and KPI
We assess the state of development of your controlling and your current performance indicator system, focusing on the degree of availability and automation of your KPIs.
We also check whether your KPI structure needs to be expanded in order to continue to improve the effective control of relevant measures throughout the supply chain.
Resource Analysis

When analyzing the available resources, we not only consider the effectiveness of your existing infrastructure across the entire supply chain, we also check staff capacities in order to identify any development potential in this area early on, enabling us to improve the performance of your entire supply chain for the long term.

Implementing The Identified Potential and Developed Measures

As an implementation-focused consultancy, we support you to unlock the potential we identify in different areas of the supply chain and optimize supply chain management for your entire organization.


The results of our supply chain consulting:

  • Transparency throughout the entire supply chain

  • Fast results, with less strain on your employees

  • Benchmarks against anonymous results from best-in-class companies

  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Sustainable improvement in supply chain performance

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