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In the event that you want to take a consultation from one of the consultants specialized in the field of supply chains and procurement, you can choose the appropriate consultant and we can coordinate a consultation with him or a visit according to your need.

Fill out the following form to To seek the right advice for you

We are proud to have many consultants and experts cooperating with us, including the following:

مستشارين ECS.jpg
Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Dalaan
مستشارين ECS (1).jpg
مستشارين ECS (2).jpg
Mr. Abdullah Al-Tassan
Mr. Faisal Al-Naim
مستشارين ECS (3).jpg
Mr. Nashmi Al-Harbi
مستشارين ECS (4).jpg
Mr. Ali Al-Qahtani
مستشارين ECS (5).jpg
Mr. Abdul Majeed Marzouk

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