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Keys to Career Growth for New Generation

Updated: Mar 29

The driver of any organizational success is driven by its talents and how they are prepared for the work environment. Reflecting on my 25+ years of experience in different organizations and sectors, I can summarize the main essential traits for the new generation to excel in any organization into: Punctuality, Appearance, and Soft Skills. Punctuality, arriving and leaving work on time; Appearance (dress code), dressing appropriately; packaged with soft skills such as treating colleagues with respect, adapting to changing environments and being flexible, are among the many traits and habits that will help organizations to grow.

I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by successful leaders most of my life, so it is no surprise that I have always been geared up with ways to succeed and advance in business. A maxim I have heard plenty of during my time at one of the world largest companies is “be at your desk timely and leave work per working schedule.” This instilled within me the realization that there is a certain standard to be followed that insists on creating a very high sealing of expectations that is based on the principles of dedication, commitment, and discipline.

In addition to punctuality, an important aspect of employee success which may be surprising to many is the vitality of appearance (dress code): dressing professionally and presenting a favorable and appropriate image is a crucial component to achieving success. When employees dress casually, they may not be taken so seriously. Each employee represents not only themselves, but the company as a whole, and although dressing professionally may seem irrelevant and negligible to some, it is important to note that it truly does play a key role in the company and the individual’s prosperity and growth.

Another critical aspect of one’s career growth is soft skills including communication, teamwork, adaptability, camaraderie between colleagues, and more attributes that help an employee interact and work harmoniously with others. Working hand-in-hand with your colleagues creates a certain chemistry that can help plow through any and all obstacles, work with unimaginable efficiency, and above all, produce elite-level work. Although it might seem obvious, these fundamental skills are the building blocks one can utilize to promote continuous career advancement.

Realizing and re-emphasizing the level and standard of professionalism that has brought the successful large corporations to where they are today is of great importance. I am sure that the leadership of any Company at all levels will agree that the dedicated, committed, well-dressed, punctual, resilient, respectful, and disciplined employees are the ones that will, without a doubt, progress highly and quickly. It is vital for the new generation to realize the importance and magnitude of these traits and habits, and consistently improve as these are integral factors that have tremendous effects on the business’s performance and future.

Written by: Nasser Al-Helal,

Business Development Consultant

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