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Procurement Outsourcing

Effective Savings Through Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement outsourcing is a suitable solution to unlock hidden savings potential, especially in indirect procurement. This involves outsourcing the strategic and operational procurement activities of indirect purchasing, such as the procurement of marketing requirements, consumables, IT hardware or service vehicles, to a specialist outsourcing service provider.
If it is not cost-effective to set up your own procurement organization for strategic sourcing in indirect procurement, procurement outsourcing is a cost-effective and attractive alternative. We take over your strategic and operational purchasing and create the optimum conditions to increase your procurement performance.
By outsourcing your indirect requirements, you have more time for your core activities – your Procurement department can concentrate on direct procurement and therefore add value to the company

How do we do it ?

Firstly, we assess your current situation, identify the scope of individual requirements, and develop an appropriate grouping of goods. We then work with you to define core processes for strategic and operational procurement. We also develop a set of rules with a distribution of tasks and responsibilities for carrying out the procurement in the context of procurement outsourcing. The implementation phase is supported by a tried and tested e-procurement tool, which ensures maximum efficiency, transparency, and data security throughout the entire procurement process.

What are the benefits ?

The key benefits of outsourcing indirect procurement in comparison to managing one’s own procurement organization include:

-  It is much easier to achieve long-term results after an optimization project

-  It is more cost-effective and scalable in the long term

-  It enables a higher level of compliance

The results:
  • Improved procurement performance and reduced costs
  • The benefits of specialist expertise
  • Access to new markets and suppliers
Reduce Costs
Mitigate Risks
We Deliver Results
Drive Innovation and Growth
Strengthen Business Relationships
Procurement Cost
Strategy and
Process Optimization
Logistics Optimization
Risk Management
Category Management
Training and Development
Working Capital Reductionn
Procurement Outsourcing
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