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Risk Management Consulting

Professional risk management consulting and implementation for a flexible supply chain and long-term security of supply in procurement

Risk management is gaining ever more importance. The main reasons for this are the increasing technical complexity of products, growing fragmentation of supply chains and the avoidance of capital commitment costs and declining stocks. If a key supplier fails you, this can have a significant impact on the downstream supply chain and ultimately on your profits, if it leads to a halt in the value chain.


Developing and establishing new key suppliers is also usually very costly, both in terms of time and money, until series production starts.
Comprehensive monitoring of the procurement risks, early countermeasures and rapid risk responsiveness are all crucial for successful risk management in procurement. With our support, you can avoid supply chain disruptions and considerably reduce procurement costs and your total cost of ownership for procurement.

How do we do it?

Risk Management Performance Check
As part of our risk management performance check, we analyze how your procurement helps to minimize risks. Based on the results, we derive concrete measures to improve performance and position your procurement as a strong partner within your overall organization. Our risk management performance check also forms the basis for the strategic development and implementation of effective optimization programmed in risk management.
1 Performance
Restructuring The Organization and Processes
Using the findings of our performance check, we develop the organizational structures in your Procurement department. To firmly integrate risk management processes in your company, we define the role descriptions, responsibilities, policies and communication channels. The processes are implemented through workshops and simulations with the relevant people. The focus here is developing a central interface function for your procurement in the supply chain.
2 benchmarking
Implementing Procurement Strategies
Using the right procurement strategies, you can minimize supply risks and achieve optimal quality in procurement. As an implementation-oriented consultancy, we work with you to identify relevant procurement markets and suppliers and carry out tenders and negotiations. The result is a restructured supplier base and established processes as the foundation for sustainably optimized procurement.
3 potential
Supplier Risk Management

To prevent risks for the long term, we help you to develop proactive, forward-looking risk management for your procurement. This allows you to identify and counteract supplier-side risks. We design and implement an individual supplier risk management system for you that ensures regular supplier assessments and provides early warning mechanisms. You can then carry out active measures in the future to prevent risks in your procurement and avoid high downtime costs.

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Staff Training in Procurement

We train your employees in procurement with customer-specific sessions, which include best practice approaches along with specific company solutions and measures. As a result, you can establish detection and safeguards against risks in your company for the long term.

5 implemntation

The results:

  • Stabilized supply chain due to proactive risk management

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Proactive risk management for sustainable risk prevention

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